Working together

Working alongside large facilities and property management companies, we offer an end-to-end client experience. As a company we take great pride in offering seamless communication, flexibility, budgeting, on-site organisation, and quality workmanship.

Employing over 250 specialist contractors

The Process


Tender your commercial building project with Construct. We prepare the necessary tender documentation, submit and evaluate. 

Overseeing specialist site and ground surveys, with planning and building control consultancy, we ensure a proper qualified fixed cost quotation for any project can be ensured.


Construct manage your project from start to finish. We ensure that the project complies with all CDM regulations and requirements from the outset, ensuring contractor engagement and management.

Our proficiency in project management consultancy for commercial buildings combines expertise in project management principles, and regulatory compliance. Our aim is to support clients in successfully delivering projects effectively, safely and on budget.


Construct delivers construction-based projects to its customers through a well-defined process that ensures efficient project execution and client satisfaction.