Here's how we can assist:

Electrical System Design: Construct’s team of approved electrical subcontractors and engineers can design and plan the electrical systems for commercial properties, considering factors such as load requirements, energy efficiency, code compliance, and safety standards. This includes the design of power distribution systems, lighting systems, emergency power backup systems, and other electrical infrastructure.

Electrical Installations: Construct can handle the installation of electrical systems and equipment in commercial properties. This involves the proper wiring, connection, and setup of electrical panels, circuitry, lighting fixtures, switches, outlets, and other electrical components. Our experienced electricians ensure adherence to electrical codes and industry best practices.

Power Distribution: Construct can design and install power distribution systems that efficiently distribute electrical power throughout the commercial property. This includes determining optimal electrical panel locations, sizing and installing electrical wiring and conduits, and ensuring proper grounding and protection measures. Construct’s expertise in power distribution helps optimise electrical efficiency and maintain system reliability.

Lighting Solutions: Construct offers lighting design and installation services tailored to commercial properties. Our team can create customised lighting plans that enhance energy efficiency, aesthetics, and occupant comfort. We can install a variety of lighting systems, including LED lighting, energy management systems, occupancy sensors, and daylight harvesting technologies, to optimise energy usage and reduce operating costs.

Electrical Upgrades and Retrofits: Construct can assist commercial property clients in upgrading their electrical systems to meet changing needs or comply with new regulations. This includes retrofitting existing systems to improve energy efficiency, replacing outdated equipment, and integrating smart technology solutions for remote monitoring and control. Our electrical experts ensure a smooth transition while minimising disruptions to ongoing operations.

Electrical Maintenance and Repairs: Construct provides routine electrical maintenance services to commercial properties, including inspections, testing, and preventive maintenance of electrical systems. We can also address any electrical issues or malfunctions promptly, offering responsive repair services to minimise downtime and ensure safety.

Energy Efficiency Solutions: Construct can help commercial property clients identify opportunities for energy savings through energy audits and analysis. Our experts can recommend energy-efficient technologies, such as power factor correction, energy management systems, and renewable energy integration, to optimise energy usage and reduce utility costs.

Compliance and Safety: Construct ensures compliance with electrical codes, regulations, and safety standards in all electrical installations and services provided. We prioritise electrical safety measures, including proper grounding, surge protection, and fire safety, to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of occupants and property.

By offering comprehensive electrical services, Construct helps commercial property clients maintain reliable electrical systems, optimise energy efficiency, and ensure a safe and comfortable environment. Our expertise in electrical design, installation, maintenance, and energy efficiency solutions makes us a trusted partner in delivering quality electrical services.