Building Management System Controls

Our knowledge of Building Management Systems (BMS) can greatly benefit commercial property owners and operators.


Achieving net zero on commercial properties is a critical step towards mitigating the effects of climate change and transitioning to a sustainable future.


Construct offers comprehensive consulting services to support commercial properties in various aspects of their operations, development and sustainability goals.


Our electrical division can provide a full range of services including, generator and UPS systems, small power, energy efficient lighting solutions, electrical installations and testing, BMS systems and PAT testing.

Air conditioning

Construct offers a range of air conditioning services to cater to the needs of commercial properties. 


Our construction sector covers areas of work such as: Design and build, Dilapidation, Construction, Demolition and Refurbishment. All under CDM regulations.


Construct can play a vital role in delivering renewable technologies to commercial property clients.


Construct can provide a range of mechanical services to commercial property clients, covering both infrastructure and plant rooms.

More than 70 large-scale projects completed