Here are some ways in which we can assist:

Sustainability Assessments: Our consultants can conduct thorough sustainability assessments of commercial properties to evaluate their current energy usage, environmental impact, and identify areas for improvement. We analyse energy consumption, water usage, waste management, and indoor air quality to provide insights and recommendations for enhancing sustainability performance.

Upgrades and Property Improvements: We can help design, oversee and deliver any plant and office refurbishments on commercial properties where life cycle, damage or new tenancy investment is required.

Listed and Protected Property Assistance: We provide project management consultancy services for listed buildings, offering expertise in navigating the unique challenges and requirements associated with heritage conservation and preservation. Our project management consultancy for listed buildings combines expertise in heritage conservation, project management principles, and regulatory compliance. Our aim is to support clients in successfully delivering projects that honour the historical significance of listed buildings while meeting contemporary functional requirements.

Energy Management: We provide expertise in energy management strategies. We can help commercial properties develop and implement energy management plans, set energy reduction targets, and establish monitoring systems to track and analyse energy usage. Our consultants can identify energy-saving opportunities, recommend energy-efficient technologies, and assist in the implementation of energy management software for real-time monitoring and control.

Renewable Energy Integration: We can guide commercial properties in adopting renewable energy solutions. We assess the feasibility of solar, wind, or other renewable energy systems, considering factors such as site conditions, energy demand, financial viability, and regulatory requirements. Our consultants can assist in system design, procurement, installation, and maintenance, helping commercial properties transition to clean and sustainable energy sources.

Indoor Environmental Quality: We can evaluate the indoor environmental quality of commercial properties, including factors like air quality, lighting, thermal comfort, and acoustics. Construct’s consultants can provide recommendations to enhance occupant comfort, productivity, and well-being through improved indoor environmental conditions.

Construct’s consulting services provide commercial properties with the expertise and guidance needed to implement sustainable practices, reduce environmental impact, and optimise operational efficiency. By partnering with us, businesses can enhance their sustainability performance, achieve cost savings, and align with global sustainability standards.